PENTAX WG-8: A top-of-the-line digital compact camera, featuring outstanding waterproof performance with up to two hours of continuous underwater shooting ; high-power, discharge-adjustable Ring Light; and webcam function

A top-of-the-line digital compact camera, featuring outstanding
waterproof performance with up to two hours of continuous
underwater shooting; high-power, discharge-adjustable Ring Light;
and webcam function

TOKYO, June 6, 2024 -- RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce the launch of the PENTAX WG-8. Developed as the top-of-the-line model of the heavy-duty, PENTAX WG series, this digital compact camera features a host of advanced, user-friendly functions including web camera functions, which can be used not only for outdoor photography, but also in various business scenes. It also boasts outstanding waterproof, shockproof and cold-resistant performance.

Developed to be the toughest of the PENTAX WG series of waterproof digital compact cameras in handling harsh environments, this top-of-the-line model is waterproof to a depth of 20 meters, shockproof against a fall from heights of 2.1 meters, and cold-resistant to temperatures as low as -10°C. Even in demanding conditions, it captures super-high-resolution still images at approximately 20 effective megapixels and high-quality 4K-resolution movie clips. When connected to a computer, it also functions as a web camera. Using its high-power, discharge-adjustable Ring Light unit and macro shooting capability from a minimum focusing distance of one centimeter, the user can deliver a well-illuminated, enlarged view of a small item to an audience during online business meetings.

As for the current PENTAX WG-90, the PENTAX WG-8 will be marketed under the PENTAX brand, because this top-of-the-line model provides a host of functions highly useful under demanding outdoor conditions, just like those featured by the PENTAX brand of digital SLR cameras, which are well received and highly respected by many users.



Main Features

1. Heavy-duty construction for underwater shooting down to a depth of 20 meter, for up to two hours of continuous operation

The WG-8's solid, airtight body is not only waterproof to a depth of 20 meters -- the greatest operating depth in the history of the WG series -- and for up to two hours of continuous operation (equivalent to IPX8 or JIS Class 8), but it's also shockproof against a fall from heights of up to 2.1 meters,* dustproof (equivalent to IPX6 or JIS Class 6), cold-resistant to temperatures as low as -10°C, and crushproof against weights of up to 100kgf (kilogram force).** Thanks to this heavy-duty construction, the WG-8 performs superbly and dependably in harsh, demanding outdoor conditions.

* Measured using RICOH IMAGING-original testing standards, including a drop from a height of 2.1 meters onto a surface of 5cm-thick plywood, with the camera's power on, conforming to Method 516-5-Shock of the MIL-Standard 810F. ** Measured using RICOH IMAGING-original testing standards.

2. 4K-resolution movie recording for extended shooting of high-quality movies

The WG-8 provides 4K-resolution movie recording in the H.264 format, allowing the user to capture high-quality, extended movie clips (3840 x 2160 pixels, 30 frames per second). In addition to the conventional Movie SR (Shake Reduction) mode,* it also features the new Movie SR+ mode,* which generates a shake-reduction effect similar to the one created by a gimbal unit to assure high-quality movie shooting with more active, fast-action outdoor activities.

* When one of these modes is activated, the angle of view becomes narrower. The Movie SR+ mode can be used at recorded pixel size smaller than the Full HD format (1920 x 1080 pixels).

3. High-quality, high-resolution images

Combining a state-of-the-art back-illuminated CMOS image sensor (which provides excellent high-sensitivity, low-noise characteristics, and assures high-speed readout of image data signals) with a high-performance imaging engine, the WG-8 delivers a top sensitivity of ISO 6400 and super-high-resolution images with approximately 20 effective megapixels. It also provides advanced image processing functions, made possible by the super-resolution technology, to assure sharp, clear, high-resolution images. It even provides such innovative functions as a Hand-held Night Snap mode, which automatically captures several images of the same nighttime scene and produces a single, blur-free composite image from them.

4. Five-times optical zoom lens with 28mm wide-angle coverage

The WG-8's five-times optical zoom lens with an angle-of-view coverage from 5mm to 25mm (equivalent to approximately 28mm to 140mm in the 35mm format) and a minimum focusing distance of a mere one centimeter allows the user to cover a wide range of applications, from eye-catching close-ups to sweeping landscapes. Its Intelligent Zoom function extends the zoom range by approximately 40.5 times without compromising image quality, while the Interval Shooting mode comes in handy for fixed-point photography.

5. Webcam function for live-streaming of high-quality, high-resolution images

Simply by switching the WG-8 to the UVC (USB Video Class) mode and connecting it to a computer with an USB cable (included as a standard accessory), it can be used as a web camera* for real-time streaming of Full HD-resolution video images at 30 frames per second. When combined with the camera's macro shooting capability and built-in Ring Light unit, the user can deliver more detailed, creative images than those captured by the computer's built-in camera during online business meetings or private online communications.

* Compatible applications: Zoom, Skype®, Microsoft Teams®, Google, MeetTM, Cisco, WebEX®, Facebook, Messenger. Supported operating systems: Windows® 10, Windows® 11, MacOS 11, MacOS 12, MacOS13, MacOS 14. The web camera function does not provide audio feed. We advise using the computer's built-in mic for audio communications at online meetings. The optional TE-2 Extension Adapter (available separately) is required to use the WG-8 on a tripod.

6. High-power, discharge-adjustable, six-bulb Ring Light unit

Positioned around the circumference of the lens barrel, the WG-8's six-LED Ring Light unit allows the user to set a faster shutter speed and minimize camera shake and subject shake in macro and close-up photography. The discharge level can be adjusted to a desired level. This unit also provides selective lighting, in which the user can activate only the horizontally or vertically aligned lights to illuminate the subject more three-dimensionally and emphasize its contours.

7. 3.0-inch, wide-frame LCD monitor for wide-angle viewing

The WG-8 is equipped with a large, high-resolution 3.0-inch LCD monitor (3:2 proportions and approximately 1,040,000 dots). Applied to the monitor's protective cover, the AR (Anti-Reflection) coating minimizes annoying glare and reflections to assure a sharp, clear on-screen image even in the harsh sunshine often encountered in outdoor shooting. It also features the Outdoor View Setting, which lets the user adjust the monitor's brightness level according to changes in ambient lighting conditions, to optimize the visibility of the on-screen image.

8. Advanced GPS functions and built-in digital compass

The WG-8's built-in GPS module automatically records position data and travel log data onto captured images, and adjusts the built-in clock to local time. This module can be activated with a single action, and can receive signals from GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), as well as U.S. GPS satellites. The GPS Lock function lets the user save GPS data onto captured images by using previously acquired position data -- highly convenient for shootings inside buildings. GPS data, directional data acquired by the digital compass and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) can also be imprinted on the lower right corner of an image.

9. Other features

• Two remote control receivers (one in front and another on the back), to expand signal coverage
• Electronic level to check the camera's horizontal/vertical inclination
• 18 scene modes to select the finishing touch best suited to the subject, including the new Depth-of-field Composite mode
• 12 digital filters
• User position on the mode dial to program and instantly recall user-selected camera settings
• The optional DW-5 Wide Conversion Lens (available separately) to expand the angle-of-view coverage to approximately 22mm (in the 35mm format) at the wide-angle end
• Three strap lug receptacles for versatile strap arrangements, such as vertical and two-point suspensions

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Major Specifications

Lens PENTAX lens, 11 elements in 9 groups (5 aspherical elements)
Focal Length 5 - 25 mm
(in 35mm format equivalent) Approx. 28 - 140mm
Maximum Aperture F3.5(W) - F5.5(T)
Zoom Optical Zoom 5X
Digital Zoom approx. 8.1X
Intelligent Zoom approx. 7X at 10M, approx. 40.5X at 640 (including optical zoom)
Motion Blur Reduction Still Pixel Track SR
Hi-sensitivity anti-shake mode (Digital SR)
Movie Movie shake reduction mode (Movie SR、Movie SR+)
Focus Type 9-point AF, Spot AF, Auto tracking AF
Focus Range Standard: 0.5m - infinity / 1.64ft. - infinity (entire zoom range)
(From lens face) Macro:0.1 - 0.6m / 0.33 - 1.97ft. (entire zoom range)
1cm Macro:0.01 - 0.3m / 0.03 - 0.98ft. (middle zoom position)
Infinity-landscape, Pan Focus, Manual Focus: available
Number of Effective pixels Approx. 20 megapixels
Image Sensor 1/2.3" CMOS
Number of Recorded pixels Still Size: L(20M)、M(10M)、S(5M)、XS(3M)、2M、1M、VGA
• ( ) in aspect 4:3
• 2M and 1M are available only in the CALS mode.
Aspect: 4:3、3:2、1:1
• In the CALS mode, the aspect ratio is fixed to 4:3.
Movie 4K, 1920, 1280
Sensitivity (Standard Output Sensitivity) AUTO, Manual (ISO 125 - 6400)
White Balance Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten light, Fluorescent light(D:Daylight Color, N:Daylight White, W:White Light, L:Warm White), Ring light, Manual
Display Type 3.0" LCD, approx. 1040K dots, AR Coating(Cover only)
Adjustments Brightness, Outdoor View Setting: ±2 Steps
Exposure Control Metering System Multi-segment metering, Center-weighted metering, Spot metering
Exposure Compensation ± 2EV ( 1/3EV steps)
Capture modes Auto Picture, Program, HDR, Handheld Night Snap, Movie, High Speed Movie, Digital Microscope, Landscape, Flower, Portrait, Underwater, Underwater Movie, Interval Shooting, Interval Movie, Surf & Snow, Kids, Pet, Sport, Night Scene, Fireworks, Digital SR, CALS, Green, Depth of field composition
Face detection Face Detection AF&AE is available for all modes up to 30 faces. Smile Capture, Self-portrait Assist, Self-portrait Assist + Smile Capture, Blink Detection
Pet detection Detect up to 1 pet's face(auto)
Playback modes Slideshow, Image Rotation, Small Face Filter, Ink Rubbing Filter, Digital Filter(B&W / Sepia, Toy Camera, Retro, Color, Extract Color, Color Emphasis, High Contrast, Starburst, Soft, Fish-eye, Brightness, Miniature), HDR Filter, Movie Edit, Red-eye Edit, Resize, Cropping, Image Copy, Protect, Start-up Screen, Recover File, Auto Image Rotation
Shutter Speed 1/4000 - 1/4sec.(Mechanical and electronic shutter), 4sec at most. (Night Scene mode setting)
Built-in flash Modes Flash-on and Flash-off modes. "Red-eye" compensation function employs a pre-discharge.
Flash Range Wide: approx. 0.2 - 5.5m / 0.66 - 18 ft. (ISO Auto)
Tele: approx. 0.2 - 3.5m / 0.66 - 11 ft. (ISO Auto)
Drive Modes One shot, Self-timer, Continuous Shooting, Burst Shooting, M Continuous, S Continuous, Remote Control, Auto Bracketing
Storage Media Built-in Memory (approx. 27MB), SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card
FlashAir™ Card
GPS display mode: LAT/LON, UTM, MGRS
GPS log, GPS lock, GPS time adjustment, GPS data imprint,UTC data imprint
Electronic Compass Compass heading :Cardinal, Degrees, Cardinal/Degrees
Declination, Compass data imprint
Web Camera Video output USB Video Class 1.1
Power Source Rechargeable Battery DB-110, AC Adapter Kit K-AC166(Optional)
Battery life Still*: approx. 340 shots (Rechargeable Battery)
Playback**: approx.260 min. (Rechargeable Battery)
Interfaces USB3.0(Type-C), HDMI output terminal(Type D)
Water proof / Dustproof Equivalent to JIS Class 8 waterproof and JIS Class 6 dustproof capabilities
Dimensions Approx. 118.2 (W) x 65.5 (H) x 33.1 (D)mm /4.7 (W) x 2.6 (H) x 1.3 (D) inches (including lens depth)
Weight Approx. 242g / 8.5 oz. (Included dedicated battery and SD memory card),Approx. 215g / 7.6 oz.(Body only)
Included Accessories Rechargeable Battery DB-110, USB Power Adapter, Power Plug, USB Cable I-USB173, Hand Strap, Macro Stand
Languages English, French, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, Italy, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkey, Greek, Russian, Thai, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

* Recording capacity shows approximate number of shots recorded during CIPA-compliant testing.Actual performance may vary depending on operating conditions.
** According to the result of RIM in-house testing.

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