Release of the function expand Firmware version 1.40 for PENTAX K-1


Release of the Function Expanded Firmware Version 1.40 for PENTAX K-1

Useful new functions added for astrophotography

RICOH Company Ltd.
RICOH Imaging Company Ltd.

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of the new function expanded firmware version 1.40 for PENTAX K-1 digital SLR camera (launched on April, 2016).

The function expanded firmware adds new features and increases the number of configurable setting to the current PENTAX K-1 digital SLR camera to further improve performance, ease of use and handling.

You can download the free function expanded firmware from the official website.

<Version 1.40>

Expanded function

1. Red-Lighted LCD Monitor Display Function

The PENTAX K-1 provides a red-lighted LCD monitor display function, which prevents the pupils of the photographer's eyes from constricting after they have become accustomed to a dark environment during astrophotography.

2. Bulb Timer Function

The bulb timer function comes in handy when photographing celestial bodies or fireworks. The PENTAX K-1 allows the photographer to expand the exposure time up to 20 minutes in Bulb mode.

3. Others

During slow shutter speeds the PENTAX K-1 features white dot noise reduction processsing.*
  Overall Improved stability for general performance.

 * When Slow Shutter Speed NR is OFF and JPEG image.

【URL for firmware download page】


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