RICOH THETA SC The new standard-class model of the 360-degree RICOH THETA camera lineup

The new standard-class model of the 360-degree RICOH
THETA camera lineup,
Capable of capturing fully spherical images, and available
in four body colors


TOKYO, October 13, 2016 -Ricoh today announced the launch of the RICOH THETA SC. Developed as the standard-class model of the popular RICOH THETA series, this 360-degree camera provides outstanding usability even for first-time 360-degree camera users and a full range of basic features and solid specifications.

Since the RICOH THETA was first launched on the market in 2013 as the world's first 360-degree camera,*1 it has been used in a variety of visual fields. It's an exceptional imaging tool, with fully spherical images creating unique, completely unexpected visual expression. Launched in 2015 as a high-end model, the RICOH THETA S has satisfied user demands for higher image quality and more specialized business applications. Because of this, it has been received exceptionally well by both photographers and business users--people with a keen interest in 360-degree imaging.

Developed as a standard-class model of the series, the new RICOH THETA SC provides casual, effortless enjoyment of 360-degree imaging, and also signifies the arrival of a new era of virtual reality. While retaining the high level of image quality provided by the RICOH THETA S using a high-performance CMOS image sensor and large-aperture lens, this mid-class model is designed to be lighter in weight than previous models.

The RICOH THETA SC allows users to easily transfer captured 360-degree images to smartphones and tablet computers. It also lets them upload their images to the theta360.com dedicated website and then share them on social networks, or upload 360-degree videos directly to Facebook and YouTube.

The RICOH THETA SC also offers a choice of four body colors (beige, white, blue and pink), making it your personalized imaging tool, one to enjoy every day, everywhere.

*1 As a mass-produced consumer product capable of capturing the scene around, above and below the device in a fully spherical image (as of October, 2013, based on Ricoh research).

Main Features

1.High-resolution, fully spherical images

  • ・The RICOH THETA SC delivers high-resolution, fully spherical images with an approximately 14.0 effective megapixel output, thanks to the combination of two outstanding components: bright, large-aperture twin-lens folded optics (with the same F2.0 maximum aperture as that of a high-end model), and a large image sensor. Together they capture beautiful 360-degree images with minimal noise, even when shooting night scenes. The photographer can also make a range of settings via a WiFi-synchronized smartphone or tablet computer, thanks to a completely redesigned user interface that provides intuitive operation through a dedicated application.
  • ・The RICOH THETA SC allows the user to upload the spherical images they have captured to the theta360.com dedicated website, then share them on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. It is also possible to submit captured videos to 360-degree channels such as Google MapsTM, Google+TM and YouTubeTM.

2.High-resolution, fully spherical videos

  • ・The RICOH THETA SC captures high-resolution, fully spherical videos at Full HD quality (1920 x 1080 recorded pixels, 30 frames per second) for a maximum duration of five minutes (after a synthesizing process). Its user can effortlessly create flawless videos on a smartphone or tablet computer, without the need of a personal computer. The user can easily change the image size, shape and composition of videos with simple fingertip operation. And, by employing the dedicated THETA+Video image-editing applications,*2 the user can very easily edit captured videos.
  • ・Just like fully spherical still images, the RICOH THETA SC users can upload their edited videos (a maximum data capacity of 5MB) to the theta360.com dedicated website, and share them on social networks.

*2. THETA+ Video applications operate on iOS8.0. or later, or Android 4.4 or later. Proper operation is not guaranteed with all mobile devices.

3.360-degree Live-view display

  • ・When synchronized with a smartphone or tablet computer, the RICOH THETA SC provides Live-view display (still images only) on the device's monitor. This allows the user to check the outcome of various setting changes on the Live-view screen during shooting. The camera provides a choice of two display modes: Full Screen and Panorama.

4.Stylish, easy-to-operate body design

  • ・The RICOH THETA SC is equipped with an LED indicator on its front panel for at-a-glance confirmation of the current mode, and a still-image/video switching button on the side panel. They let users operate the camera smoothly and unerringly even when it is disconnected from a smartphone or tablet computer.

5.Other features

  • ・A large internal memory (approx. 8GB) for storage of approximately 1,600 still images (at L image size)
  • ・Minimum start-up time lag of 1.5 seconds
  • ・Self-timer function, with a delay time selectable from a smartphone or tablet computer
  • ・Interval shooting function, convenient for creating time-lapse videos
  • ・THETA+ applications usable to edit still images and export image data files for printing

Optional Accessories

TH-2 Hard Case

・A waterproof (IPX7), solid case designed to house the RICOH THETA SC.
・This case provides a tripod socket for attachment of various camera accessories.

This case is not designed for underwater shooting. When the camera is housed in the case, shooting can be performed only through remote operation via a smartphone or tablet computer.

Body color (base section): black
Compatible models: RICOH THETA SC, THETA S, THETA m15, THETA

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Object distance Approx. 10cm to infinity (from front of lens)
Shooting mode Still image: Auto, shutter priority, ISO priority,Manual *1, Video: Auto,
Exposure control Program AE, ISO Priority AE、Shutter Priority AE、Manual Exposure
Exposure compensation Still image: Manual compensation (-2.0 to +2.0EV, 1/3EV step)*1
ISO sensitivity
(standard output sensitivity)
Still image: ISO 100 to 1600, Video: ISO 100 to 1600
White balance Still image: Auto, outdoor, shade, cloudy, incandescent lamp 1, incandescent lamp 2, daylight color fluorescent lamp, natural white fluorescent lamp, white fluorescent lamp, light bulb color fluorescent lamp*1,
Video: Auto
Shutter speed Still image: 1/8000 sec. to 1/8 sec.
Still image(Manual):1/8000 sec. to 60 sec.
Video(L): 1/8000 sec. to 1/30 sec.
Video(M): 1/8000 sec. to 1/15 sec.
Recording medium Internal memory: Approx. 8GB
Number of photos that can be recorded, time*2 Still image: Approx. 1600(L), Approx. 9000(M)
Video (time per recording): Max. 5 minutes*3
Video (total recording time): Approx. 63 minutes(L),Approx. 171 minutes(M)
Power source Lithium-ion battery (built in)*4
Battery life Approx. 260 photos*5
Image file format Still image: JPEG (Exif Ver. 2.3), DCF2.0 compliant, Video:MP4 (Video: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Audio: AAC)
External interface micro USB: USB2.0
Remote Shutter CA-3(Option)
Exterior/external dimensions 45.2mm (W) x 130.6mm (H) x 22.9mm (17.9 mm *6) (D)
Weight Approx. 102g
Lens construction 7 elements in 6 groups
Lens F number F2.0
Image sensor size 1/2.3 (x2)
Image sensor effective pixels 12MP(x2), pixel count equivalent to Approx. 14M
File size (still images) L: 5376x2688
M: 2048x1024
File size (videos) L: 1920x1080/30fps/16Mbps
M: 1280x720/15fps/6Mbps
Communications protocol HTTP

*1. A smartphone is required to change modes or configure manual settings.
*2. The number of photos and time are guides only. The actual number differs according to the photography conditions.
*3. Automatic shut down if the internal temperature increases.
*4. Charge the battery by connecting it to a PC using the supplied USB cable.
*5. The number of photos that can be taken is a guide based on Ricoh's measurement method (wireless on, one photo taken every 30 seconds and transferred to smartphone). The actual number differs according to usage conditions.
*6. Excluding lens section.

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