An optional accessory for saving film images as digital data


RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce the launch of the PENTAX FILM DUPLICATOR 4x5. Produced on order, this optional accessory saves the images on large 4x5-format (100mm by 125mm) film as digital files, by working in combination with a digital SLR camera, a macro lens and a dedicated flash unit.

Main Features

1. Compatibility with large 4x5-format film, for professional applications

Retaining all the convenient features of the PENTAX FILM DUPLICATOR (launched in May 2014), this accessory increases the maximum size of the images to be digitalized to the professional-standard 4x5 format (100mm by 125mm), from the previous 6x9 format (60mm by 90mm). It sandwiches the film between two sheets of anti-glare glass to minimize the effect of interference fringe. It also comes with an exclusive 4x5 film holder to keep the film flat during duplication work, even when working with warped film. The result is film images accurately reproduced as high-quality digital data. The film holder even improves work efficiency by allowing the user to place two 4x5 sheet films side by side and make a pair of duplicates at a time.

2. High-speed digitalization of film images

This accessory allows the user to easily duplicate the images found on the film, as if taking pictures of them. Unlike conventional film scanners, it doesn't require a lengthy read-out time, so it greatly reduces work time.

3. Outstanding versatility

The accessory provides an adjustable mount to accept a camera body and a flash unit, so it can be used with many different digital SLR cameras,* one of which the user may likely already own. It can make duplicates of various film images, from the small 35mm format, to the medium 120/220 formats, and even the large 4x5 format.

* The camera must have a distance of 105mm or shorter from its bottom to the optical axis (the center of the lens). The lens must have an outer diameter of 110mm or less.

4. Other features

  1. ・Digitalization of photographic data recorded on the outside edges of film, in addition to the image area
  2. ・Saving of negative images as normal images, with the application of inversion and color correction processes provided by commercial image processing software


Bellows maximum length approx.570mm
Maximum length during usage approx.1210mm
Dimensions approx.650mm(length) x 248mm(width) x 325mm(hight)
Weight approx.5200g
Maximum distance from camera bottom to optical axis approx.105mm
Maximum outside diameter of lens approx.110mm

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