Comprehensive restructuring of binoculars lineup, by launching the new Z-, S-, A- and U-series with optically upgraded models:

A total of 34 models, including 17 upgrades, to be introduced in stages





RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce the complete restructuring of its current binoculars lineup, and the launch of a brand-new lineup consisting of 34 models in four distinctive series. The new lineup will feature upgraded models with high-grade lens/prism coatings and fully multi-coating lenses.

RICOH IMAGING has been engaged in the manufacture and marketing of various binoculars since the foundation of the former Asahi Optical Co., Ltd. in 1938. These binoculars have always been highly praised and demanded by users in a variety of applications, from the observation of nature and wildlife to the viewing of sports, events and concerts. Today, we intend to make a drastic upgrade of their optical performance and expand our binocular business, by applying state-of-the-art lens and prism coating technologies to high- and mid-class models and by fully multi-coating the optical elements of all popular-class models. We also plan to motivate consumer demand by simplifying the series names and renaming products, so that it will be even easier to select the best model for a specific application -- even for first-time binocular users. As the first step of our restructuring effort, we will launch 17 new models, including our top-end binoculars (the ED-type models of the Z series) to be released for the first time in Japan.

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