GR DIGITAL IV function-enhancing firmware update released

RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce the release on August 8, 2013, of the third function-enhancing firmware update for the GR DIGITAL IV high-resolution digital compact camera launched in October 2011.

The latest update incorporates many of the opinions and requests of our customers, gathered through a survey requested when users registered their cameras. The firmware update adds new functions and increases the number of settings that can be adjusted on their treasured GR DIGITAL IV cameras. As the result, it improves the camera's overall performance and ease of operation, while providing users with all the benefits of the latest functions.

The firmware and the operation manual detailing its functions, can be downloaded free of charge from the RICOH IMAGING Web site.

New Enhanced Functions

1. Macro Target Shift mode added to the shooting mode selection

The user can now set the Macro Target Shift mode with an extended press of the macro button.

2. A new setting added to the Vignetting control of the image settings menu

On the image settings menu, the new Very Weak setting has been added to the Vignetting control function of the High Contrast B&W, Cross Process, Positive Film and Bleach Bypass modes.

3. New modes added to white-balance control

In white-balance control, the Fluorescent mode has been renamed the White Fluorescent mode, while Cool White, Daylight Fluorescent, Neutral White Fluorescent and Warm White Fluorescent modes have been added to the menu.

4. New options added to the Fn Button Pair Setting

The user can now register the Multi AF/Spot AF mode and the Snap Focus Distance setting to the Fn Button Pair Setting.

【Firmware Download Page】

Note: The third firmware update retains the enhanced functions provided with the first and second firmware updates.


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