Release of new exclusive application software for “RICOH WG-M1” action camera

Release of new exclusive application software
for "RICOH WG-M1" action camera

Please be informed that we are releasing new application software "WG-M1 LE" for the "RICOH WG-M1" action camera compatible with devices with Android 5.0 - 5.1.

*Name of application: WG-M1 LE

*Compatible version: Android 5.0 - 5.1.
  This does not guarantee the function for all devices.
  If the application does not operate correctly with some devices under Android5.0 (64bit),
  please update to Android5.1.

*Features: Connect [RICOH WG-MI] action camera with the device, [Capture], [Playback] and
         [Image Transfer] become possible from the device.
  The saved image can be displayed not only by capture order but also by the date of capture.
  There is no [Edit] function with this new application.
  The images saved in the previous application [WG-M1] cannot view with the new application [WG-M1 LE].
  Customers using devices with Android version earlier than 5.0 should continue to use the original application [WG-M1].

*Date of release: September 1, 2015

*How to download: Download from Google Play (Free)

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※ The Company name and product name mentioned here are trademark for each Company.

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