Announcing the “GR Short Movie Award,” a Contest Calling for Short Movies Submissions that Feature the GR

The "GR Short Movie Award" - a contest calling for short movie submissions that feature the GR series of digital cameras, including the "GR" which was released in April 2013 - will be held from October 1.

This contest calls for short movie submissions that use the GR as a key item and express the attraction of photography and cameras. With this contest we hope to reignite the passion for photography in people's minds and inspire everyone to walk around with a small camera in hand more often by showing works made from a variety of different perspectives, from professional and amateur alike, showing everything from cool imagery to heart-warming stories.

The theme of the contest also has the support and the backing of the following well-known artists, who will liven up the Award by not only judging the submitted works, but by also each producing a short movie of their own and releasing them during the contest period.

Kazumi Kurigami (Photographer) + Ryuichi Sakamoto (Musician)  *Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto will contribute the musical score
Lily Franky (Author)
Kundo Koyama (Broadcast writer)
Keiichiro Shibuya (Musician)
Production I.G Team "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" (Film production)
Asami Kiyokawa (Artist)
Secret (To be announced at the time the work is announced)

Contest Overview

A contest that asks for movie submissions that are 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length that express the attraction of photography and cameras.

Name GR Short Movie Award
Application period October 1, 2013 (Tues) to December 27, 2013 (Fri) Applications to be made from the Award site listed below
Judges' announcement Due for the middle of February, 2014
Submission requirements Use the GR as a key item in the submitted movie (no requirements on the degree of exposure or the exposure time)
The movie does not need to be filmed using the GR but must express the qualities of the GR
Qualification requirements Submissions accepted from both professionals and amateurs from within Japan and overseas
Prizes Grand prize (one winner)...300,000 yen in prize money and a secret award
Gold Awards (two winners)...50,000 yen in prize money and a GR
Special Awards (five winners)...A GR
GR Award (one winner)...A GR
More information Award site URL:
Management GR Short Movie Award Management
Management Supporter PYRAMID FILM QUADRA INC.


GR Short Movie Award Management

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